“We will encourage Uzbek investors to come, visit Pakistan and explore the opportunities in our ever growing livestock sector”

“We will encourage Uzbek investors to come, visit Pakistan and explore the opportunities in our ever growing livestock sector”

He was meeting with Uzbek delegation of Special Working Group (SWG) for promotion of trade & economic especially in agriculture machinery and livestock sector. In the beginning of the meeting the Federal Minister Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan conveyed his condolences to the Uzbek delegation on the death of their president Mr. Islam Karimov.

            The Federal Minister warmly welcomed the delegation and discussed in detail the prospects of mutual investment in agriculture machinery and livestock sector.

            Pakistan as an agricultural country needs up to date agricultural machinery and upgraded technology in order to further enhance the quality & productivity of the agricultural commodities. The Federal Minister invited the Uzbek Government officials and private sector representatives visit Pakistan and have meetings with the manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Pakistan. Furthermore, the Minister highlighted the opportunities of joint ventures between Pakistan and Uzbekistan in the field of poultry and other major agricultural products like cotton, wool, sugarcane, wheat, rice etc.

            During the discussion the facts & figures relating to the agricultural productivity were also shared with the delegation. The Federal Minister said that Pakistan is producing rice, wheat & sugarcane in excess. By the Grace of God, Pakistan is, thus not facing any food shortage issue. The delegation was informed that according to the current facts and figures, 21 million hectares land of Pakistan is under cultivation, among these the prominent crops include cotton, wheat, rice & sugarcane, whereas the cultivation of maize is gradually increasing. It was brought to the notice of delegation that large scale farmer in Pakistan are comparatively lesser in number than the small scale farmers due to which less horsepower tractors are in popular demand.

Pakistan is facing a shortage of 20,000 tractors whereas almost 450,000 tractors are under use of farmers. The tractors are being produced at the rate of 40,000 to 50,000 pieces per annum.

            At the end of a very fruitful meeting, the head of Uzbek delegation cordially thanked the Federal Minister for his precious time and said that he and his colleagues are leaving with positive and encouraging way forward for mutual collaboration in variety of fields of interests.