Progress/ Activity Report, June, 2014


Name of the Department: Arid Zone Research Institute, PARC, Dera Ismail Khan

Month of Activity: June, 2014

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Task/ Official Activity

Status of Task



Variety release

The case for registration of mungbean variety “Sona Mung” was successfully presented / defended before technical committee of Provincial Seed Council, KPK. Variety has been recommended for release by Provincial Seed Council, KPK. 

On spot inspection of “Sona Mung” candidate variety was conducted by Director Planning, ARS, KPK, Regional Director FSC&RD, Plant Pathologist, ARI, Tarnab and Entomologist, ARI, Tarnab. Representative of Director, ARI, DIKhan, EDO, Extension department were also present on occasion.


Mungbean experiments and breeding material

Mungbean germplasm, progeny blocks, adaptation trial contributed by NIFA, Peshawar and Mungbean varietal trial are at 2nd pod setting flush.

2nd and 3rd irrigations and spray for sucking type of insects were applied during the month.


Sunflower hybrid seed production

Crop has been harvested, threshed and seed has been stored under proper conditions.

Sunflower thresher was provided by Oilseed program, CSI, NARC, Islamabad.


Quality seed production and farm income generation.

Seed multiplication of Mungbean candidate variety “Sona Mung” along with some other lines of Mung and Mash are growing well. Crop is at flowering stage.

Spray for sucking and chewing type insects was applied to protect the crop.


Hybrid Maize trial.

Trial has been harvested and is being dried for threshing.

Threshing will be done manually and data will be sent to quarter concerned.


Kharif Trials

Soil has been irrigated for sowing of sesame, Guar, Mung and Mash trials received from NARC and RARI, Bhawalpur.

Sowing will be done keeping in view the plans provided by cooperators.


Training Imparted.

Farmers’ live questions were answered through Pakistan broadcasting corporation, D.I.Khan under indigenous radio program “Wasdian Johkan” on weekly basis.

Farmers are benefited through technical advice.


The activities performed under the MoU between PARC and Gomal University, DIKhan.

Six internees/students of Agronomy department, Faculty of Agriculture, Gomal University, DIKhan are under internship training for three months.

Internees are given practical exposure of field activities.


Visit of DG planning PARC

DG planning PARC along with Executive Director ALP visited AZRI DIKhan on       28-06-14.

They visited AZRI in connection with ALP project on Central Pivot Irrigation System.


Recording Agro-meteorological data.

Agro-meteorological data were recorded from AZRI observatory unit. Maximum (45 0C) and minimum temperature (22 0C) was recorded on 12-06-2014 and 26-06-2014 respectively. Wind blown @ 4 km / hour on 22-06-2014. Total rainfall 30 mm was received during the month under report.

Data were distributed among different organizations for information and utilization.


Name of Department: Livestock Wing

Month of Activity: June, 2014

Sr. No

Official Task

Status of Task



To Process cases of duty exemption on agro based machinery used in livestock sector

Processed case of duty exemption for import of machinery for preparation of meat / slaughtering line equipments for M/S The Organic Meat Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi. Letter issued.



To process cases of registration of animal casings, game hunted trophy processing units, bone, horns processing units etc.

01 case of M/S Oryza Organics (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore,

M/S Hilal Meat Processing(Pvt.) Ltd. Islambad.


05 cases of chicken feet processing unit were processed for registration with TRACES system of European Commission.

Information is awaited from the firms and inspection report from Animal Quarantine Department. 


To deal Animal Quarantine Department related matters.

04 cases related to import / export of livestock products, registration of slaughterhouses and processing units were dealt during the reported month. 

Inspection report are awaited from Animal Quarantine Department. 


To Issue NOC and provide information for Import of Exotic Semen

Examined, processed and issued six NOC’s to M/S Schiwo Pakistan Multan, M/S Altaf and Co Lahore,  M/S Solve Agri Pak, Lahore, M/S International Traders, Lahore and M.S Selmore Pharmaceutical Lahore for the import of 114,585 doses of exotic bovine semen from Australia, Canada, Germany and USA.

Examined and provided information to M/S Altaf & Co Lahore and M/S International Traders Lahore for the import of bovine semen into the country.



To Issue NOC and provide information for Import of Dairy Heifers

Information provided to the M/S Interlope Pvt. Ltd Faisalabad.



To Issue duty exemption certificates and provide information for Import of Calf Milk Replacer (CMR)

Examined and processed two duty exemption certificates to M/S Maxim International Pvt. Ltd Lahore and M/S Eastern Dairies Lahore for the import of 19.7 metric tons CMR from Netherland.

Examined and supplied information to M/S Nishat Dairy Pvt. Lt, Lahore for the import of Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) in to the country.



To Issue duty exemption certificates and provide information for import of Cattle Feed Premix(CFP)